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The Security Executive Council (SEC) is the leading research and advisory firm that specializes in corporate security risk mitigation solutions. We offer experience-based services, program decision assurance and relevant information to ensure security initiatives are on target and cost effective. The SEC has experience in all areas of security strategy. We help security executives move their security organization to the next level.


Why We Do It

Creating a security function that effectively manages and mitigates security risks but also contributes to and enables an organization's goals is important to us. Together we can change security and its perception for the better. Our best relationships are with security executives that share this view.

  • Transform Security into a True Business Partner
  • Raise the Awareness and Value of Corporate/IT Security
  • Bring the Industry Together for Better Security

What We Do

If you are interested in strategizing to develop a security master plan and implementation road map that best aligns with your organization's business – we’re here. Our solutions are situation-specific and sensitive to corporate culture - we understand one size does not fit all and will work with you to obtain the best results.

  • Help Develop or Enhance Security Programs
  • Research and Benchmarking
  • Analyze Security Risks/Threats
  • Analyze the Capacity and Capabilities of Security
  • Conduct Unbiased Performance Improvement Reviews

How We Do It

Our clients appreciate that our security proven practices and advisory services have been industry validated by those that sat in the top security executive seat. Our goal is to help security departments be cost-effective but still maintain measurable value to the organization.

  • Collective Knowledge™ Process
  • Research Based Approach
  • Subject Matter Experts are CSOs/CISOs
  • Modular/Customizable Tools Reduce Cost and Accelerate your Project

How We Can Work Together

Security executives from all sizes of businesses and industries engage us because we tailor engagements that work best for a specific company and budget. Your organization and security program are unique, and you want to ensure your solutions take into consideration the operating environment. We'll work collectively to accentuate or enhance the security function's value to the organization for the long run.

  • Security Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Tier 1 Leader Option
  • Next Generation Security Leader™ Program
  • Best Practices Groups

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