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Jerry D. Vergeront

Subject Matter Expert Faculty, Security Executive Council

Jerry comes to the Security Executive Council with 25 years of experience in Information Security and Privacy, and a focus on legal issues surrounding security, privacy, compliance, and risk. Before receiving his JD from the Seattle University School of Law, he has been responsible for IT Security teams and solutions across a wide range of industries. Jerry has personally managed IT Security teams ranging from a Fortune 150 internationally diverse corporation, multiple health care organizations, and one of the world’s largest charitable foundations. Throughout his career, Jerry has been noted as one of the rare breeds of IT professionals who sought out partnerships with physical security, legal teams, and risk managers to ensure that security and privacy solutions didn’t exist in a silo but could be used to the full benefit of an organization.

After graduating from the Seattle University School of Law, he was admitted to the Washington Bar and started his own practice, Vergeront Law, PLLC. Vergeront Law was founded to focus on legal issues around Data Privacy, Data Security, Compliance, and Risk Management.

Now, as a Security Executive Council Subject Matter Expert, Jerry uses his combined IT and legal experience help clients deal with data privacy/security compliance and risk analysis consultation. Mr. Vergeront leverages his experience to advise clients on wide-ranging areas of compliance, while concentrating on prioritization within an overarching risk environment. His extensive background in the implementation of IT solutions to ensure data security and privacy lends to his ability to realistically see where a company may experience risk, how it can be mitigated, and the steps that should be taken to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

Law Degree and Certifications:
JD (Juris Doctor) from Seattle University
CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)
CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor)