Leadership Solutions


Keith VanDevelde

Security Executive Council Subject Matter Expert

Keith VanDevelde provides research, analysis, monitoring and other services to educate clients on emerging issues, help them mitigate risks, and inform planning and decision-making.

Mr. VanDevelde is an expert in secondary/open-source research, issue monitoring and investigations. Having served a broad range of corporate areas, he brings a unique understanding of how security risks align with brand/reputation and corporate governance risks, as well as the larger organization. He is also versed in catering insights and messaging to diverse corporate audiences at all levels, including the C-suite and board of directors.

For almost 20 years, he helped Target Corporation build and lead intelligence programs related to security, reputation, activism and corporate governance risks. Those programs, and Mr. VanDevelde, provided insights to teams across the company and leadership at all levels. His early career at Target included store, market and headquarters roles on the company’s Assets Protection team. His investigative and analytical responsibilities were largely focused on crimes involving employees and organized external entities. Mr. VanDevelde was also part of several pilot programs that helped set the foundation for Target’s current investigations structure.

Mr. VanDevelde has an Associate of Science in Business Management. He has also received specialized training in advanced internet investigations, link and crime pattern analysis, competitive intelligence, Boolean search tools and techniques for traditional and social media research, and project management.