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Keith Jones

Security Executive Council Emeritus Faculty, Program Validation and Enhancement

Keith is a seasoned security professional and a national security expert. He is the former Director of Corporate Security at The Charles Stark Draper Laboratories, Inc., where he led security operations as a prime contractor for the Trident Weapons System, which is the U.S. and British's primary submarine-launched nuclear ballistic missile fleet.

Throughout his career, Keith has provided security solutions for over 500 National Security programs classified up to the Top-Secret level. He has a history of delivering holistic security programs that align with company strategy and have proven to reduce and eliminate risk. These programs also derived significant bottom line savings, added measurable business value, created the desired employee culture, and increased company prestige.

Keith is a five-time nominee and recipient of the James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award. He is an international speaker who collaborates and presents on topics that include risk strategy and mitigation, workplace violence intervention, economic espionage, counterproliferation, counterintelligence, and international travel security, safety, and compliance.

Prior to performing on national security initiatives, Keith was a private investigator and has extensive experience assisting private citizens, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and corporations. He has deep experience with arson investigations, covert operations, Threat Assessment, Executive Protection, Crisis Management, Risk identification and mitigation, missing persons, workplace violence intervention, labor disputes, undercover placement, video surveillance, penetration testing, and event security.

Keith’s area of expertise is evaluating the efficacy of security programs while providing tailored, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art enhancements that deliver measurable value.