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Guy Morgante

Security Executive Council Subject Matter Expert

Guy Morgante is a dynamic and forward-thinking security executive with 35+ years’ experience leading all facets of Security Organizations, Managed Services, Professional Services Operations and Consulting in the Security and High-tech industries. He spent 10 years at Northland Controls, holding positions as the Managing Director of EMEA, followed by President of Managed Services, and subsequently Vice President of Professional Services. Prior to that, he held Vice President positions at SGI, Inc. and Vidient Systems.

  • For the last 15 years focused on the physical security by implementing security systems, managing GSOC operations, optimizing worldwide security maintenance and break / fix services, and developing global security strategies for large and small companies.
  • Built GSOC as a Services organization with recurring revenue from zero to $3.2 annually supporting 550,000+ employees worldwide
  • Project Managed the migration team to convert Apple’s worldwide access control system to Lenel.
  • Implemented first ever ‘human on train track’ analytic system for Montreal Subway
  • Increased Professional Services bookings from $7.6m to $10.9m in 4 months (largest quarterly total with an 11% revenue increase for the same period
  • Partnered with Finance, Product Sales and Services Sales to develop Maintenance renewal process that raised renewals to 98% and cut Services Accounts Receivables from $23M to $2M.
  • Build and lead impressive in-house teams targeted to achieve sales goals, optimum client satisfaction, while creating alliances with vital partners to increase revenue and generate new opportunities.

He is renowned for his skills in leadership and development, team building and motivation, organizational strategy and development, operational efficiency, managed services, professional services, education, customer support and retention, client services management, and P&L management.

Guy holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and is a member of PSA Security Network Managed Services Committee.