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Security Executive Council Collaborative Consulting Services

The Security Executive Council's (SEC) collaborative consulting services are geared for security executives. We draw on the expertise and experience of successful former CSOs and CISOs and our pioneering relevancy-based research to deliver insight, program proficiency and value. In addition, qualifying decision-makers may become part of our Tier 1 Security Leader™ program. You will benefit from additional features such as one-on-one discussions with former CSOs, peer networking and access to a library of time-tested resources.

We help Security bring recognized value to the enterprise. Working together we can tackle challenges such the ones listed below.

Your Challenges SEC Proven Solutions and Advisory Services
We're taking on a new line of business; We have new executive management; Security does not have a seat at the table; The entire enterprise is undergoing a review; Security's goals and objectives aren't aligned with the company's; I am new to the CSO role. Enterprise/Security Risk Alignment
We help you identify the right security business plan
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We don’t have a program or services in this area; We believe our Program is good but want to see if we can be better and/or compare to best in class; We just had a significant failure and management is expecting an extreme makeover; This responsibility was just transferred from another function to security; We just merged (or split off) from another company; need to identify what will work best in this new environment. Security Program and Services Creation/Enhancement or Review
We help you optimize corporate security programs
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Security needs to show value because we're facing a downsizing; I'm being asked to give up budget consistently; We are competing with multiple functions for budget dollars; We’ve merged/been bought by another company; We believe incidents, claims and losses are down but do not manage loss reporting. Security Revenue Enhancement
We help you manage security risks in a way that can contribute to the business bottom line
Senior management doesn’t understand the range of services and capabilities of the security dept.; Security staff has trouble explaining to senior management what the department does and its value. Security and risk management messaging are constantly changing and not uniform throughout the organization. Executive Communication Program
We help you communicate your corporate security plan and the value security brings the organization
Security does not have a metrics program; Security does not have a respected metrics program; Security is unable to quantify the value of the program; We want to measure what Security provides year over year; Need to justify program cost and a business case for more resources. Security Operational Metrics
We help you develop operational metrics and security key performance indicators.
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We don't have a CSO; Our company had a significant organizational change; Our risks have increased; We've had a significant incident; We've been divested and have to start our own program. Security Advisor
We help companies develop their corporate security risk management programs
The organization thinks Security is guns gates, and guards; Security is not at the planning table; It's difficult to get approval for budget and staffing resources; Security is overlooked when a re-organization occurs; Management/ business units think Security "owns" the risks to the organization. Branding or Re-branding the Security Department
We help you define and communicate corporate security as a center of operational excellence
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Security has been asked by the company to identify and rank the organization's security services; This is a new program; Security has been asked to reduce my costs by "X%"; A new boss wants to understand the value of the security department within the organization. Internal Value Analysis
We help you move to strategic security management by analyzing your capacity and capabilities
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We need security staff to think more strategically; I haven't found the right educational resource that combines security best practices with business theory: I don’t have a successor; My team feels that they are not being developed; I am losing talent or failing to attract it; We need a customized distance learning offering for security staff. Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL)™ Program
We help you develop strategic corporate security staff
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Security has been asked to benchmark Security against peer companies; We need to show the value of the Security; Security needs more resources; Need to come up with some cost metrics; Management wants to know why Security's costs are different than XYZ company; A management consulting firm is conducting an industry cost comparison has said our security costs are higher than any of our peers - how do I explain this? Security Research and Benchmarking
We help you gather performance data to make informed business appropriate security decisions
See more information about the Security Leadership Research Institute.
Security is lacking documentation on programs, policies and procedures; Security is lacking the resources to conduct consistent training globally; The Security leader lacks an on-boarding program for new security staff; The Security intranet is lacking new and relevant information for the organization. Governance, Policy and Documentation
We help jump start your corporate/physical policies and procedures with templates and examples
We need to better understand what risks we have and how they affect the corporation; Security needs to effectively communicate the value of continual risk assessments to get management buy-in; We need to better define what needs to be protected and who/what are the threats and vulnerabilities. Risk/Threat Analysis
We help you with your security threat and risk assessment

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