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Council Overview

The Council is the leading research and advisory services firm for risk mitigation solutions. We offer risk mitigation leaders trusted and experienced advice, program decision assurance and help to get all your projects successfully done.

A Solution Provider for Managing Business Risk
The Council develops proven practices that provide an array of strategies and tactics to solve pressing issues based on your situation. With a large community of subject matter experts (successful former security executives and current industry specialists) we work one-on-one with Tier 1 Security Leaders™ to help them reduce risk and add to corporate profitability in the process.

Through our pioneering approach of Collective Knowledge™ we serve businesses from all industries and sizes, government agencies, educational institutions and NGOs to help them effectively address their risk concerns. The Council can assist you with your security concerns or challenges.

About the Council
The Council’s vision is to create a more
industry unified approach to managing risk.
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Contact us to learn more at contact@secleader.com or fill out the information request form and we will contact you (we will never share your email address with any third party).

Additional Information

Solutions/Problem Solving:
–Tier 1 Security Leader™
–Collaborative Consulting
–Solution Snapshots

Security Resources:
–Knowledge Corner
–Security Leadership Research Institute

For Solution Providers:
–Solution Innovation Partners
–Strategic Alliances Listing

For Media:
–Speakers Bureau and Media Center

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