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Security Leadership Research Institute

The Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI) is dedicated to providing independent and actionable research to the security and risk community. The SLRI was formed as a result of the need by the security industry to document the entire spectrum of risk mitigation and security through research. If you need to benchmark your programs, you need to become involved.

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Currently Open Benchmark
This industry leading benchmark covers security program costs, program ownership, reporting structures and more.

How is SLRI Unique?

  • Actionable research and metrics
  • Research guided by practitioners for practitioners
  • Your voice in what is researched
  • Industry validation of research
  • Your small time investment = big return
  • A data repository means data when you need it
  • Emerging trends alerts

We're Here to Help You

The SLRI will help you solve issues such as:

Issue: I don’t have time to always benchmark with my peers and it costs too much money to hire a research firm.

Benefit: Do not be fooled. Paying money, especially to an organization that knows little about security and risk management, does not guarantee better results. With the SLRI all you invest is a small amount of time and the data you provide will remain confidential. In return we leverage our extensive industry knowledge (gained successfully running risk management programs for organizations just like yours) to provide you valuable and actionable intelligence.

Issue: How do I find independent and unbiased research that comes from vetted sources?

Benefit: Potential members must possess certain qualifications to join such as current security practitioner status. Information will be verified.

Issue: My research needs can vary based on day-to-day issues.

Benefit: We understand that issues come and go and often the most important issue is the one you’re facing today! The goal of the Institute is to build a re-usable repository of research data that you can pull from. The more participation the larger the pool of data will be.

Issue: Research I can find is usually specific to someone else's issues.

Benefit: You have a say in what research initiatives are most important. In addition, over time research conducted will be refined by industry and company specific issues.

Real Benefits

  • Practitioner based research reports and benchmarks
  • Research and analyses conducted by experienced research professionals
  • Immediate quick poll results
  • Receive a discount on products from the Council’s Leadership Store
  • Opportunities to participate in select Security Leader initiatives
  • Access to metrics database (under development)
  • Custom research opportunities

Who Can Participate?

  • Practitioners in charge of security programs; practitioners can be from any facet of security (corporate, information, compliance, risk, etc.)
  • Practitioners from publicly traded companies, private companies, non-profits and government agencies
  • Strategic alliance partners*

Become involved by filling out the brief SLRI request form or write us at: contact@secleader.com and we will contact you.

*If you are from the vendor or academic community and would like to discuss how you can also become involved please contact us at contact@secleader.com