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Working Groups

Practitioners and SEC Faculty (former security executives) come together in a virtual format to work on a diverse set of topics. The goal of this initiative is to build a trusted venue to develop through collaborative efforts a set of diverse tools, solutions and templates that represent multi-industry applicability. Each group determines appropriate deliverables and milestones. This is a convenient and economical way to network with peers and become more skilled on specific security strategies and tactics with people who have successfully mastered what you want to learn more about.

Working group options include:

Not only do you gain collaborative insight and work on important industry impacting projects, the SEC's Working Groups are also a way to potentially connect with Tier 1 Leaders.

Increase your exposure and supplement your career growth. Contact us on how to get started at contact@secleader.com for information on how you can join a working group or submit your questions through the information inquiry form (we never share your information with any 3rd party).