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Working with thoroughly Disagreeable, even Dysfunctional Co-workers

February 05, 2019 - February 05, 2019

Online Event

Overview: This webinar covers tips for when you have to work with someone who entangles your work life with their own to the extent that 9-5, or maybe after, you re carrying their baggage as if it was your own. Perhaps interfering with your work life to the point of not enjoying what could otherwise be an enjoyable job. Or even having fall out into your personal life of a negative nature. This webinar also covers working with those who know their behavior is harmful or dreadful but just don t care. So how can you set up your work life to minimize the effects these disgruntled dysfunctional persons have on your work days? We ll cover how to handle coworkers, from those who are thoroughly disagreeable to those whose conduct may be so extreme to the point of dysfunctional in that they interfere with an employee s abilities to accomplish their goals and company objectives. Why should you Attend: Workplaces are places where we often spend more time with our coworkers than our families. But some coworkers are so outstandingly disagreeable every day and in every way that they spoil our very enjoyment of work. Let s face it, annoying people are everywhere and anyone can be annoying in some regard, and someday everyone will be difficult for some reason or another. Because even the best of workplaces have everyday annoyances and aggravations. But some coworkers can t seem to adhere to recognized principles of manners, professionalism and teamwork and would be better suited to placement in a kindergarten. Other s behavior is so over the top that a kindergarten would instantly kick them out. Areas Covered in the Session: Spotting the difference between merely disagreeable or difficult, thoroughly disagreeable, and dysfunctional The difference between passive, assertive, angry and the most dangerous of all - passive aggressive What to do about bullies, backstabbers, belittlers and the bitter ones. Despots, controllers, and detrimental coworkers

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