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TrainHR: The New Era of 2020: How to Avoid Hiring Bullies, Liars, Passive Aggressive People and Sociopaths

March 06, 2020 - March 06, 2020

Online Event

Overview: It is important to know how to skip hiring bullies, liars, the passive- aggressive people and the sociopaths because these people will damage your workplace culture, create complaints and can even cause lawsuits on both their own behalf and from other employees. Managing them is an almost full time job that requires copious and accurate documentation while watching your own back every day. Not something, most managers have the time or inclination to do. Once you know what to look for it is downright easy to skip hiring bullies, liars, the passive - aggressive people and the sociopaths. This webinar provides tips on how to identify attributes of positive psychology, how to judge if a person is genuine or fake so that you avoid hiring bullies.

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Price information: $145.00

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