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Reopening Safely: Key Intelligence, Decisions and Considerations

July 14, 2020 - July 14, 2020

Virtual event, register at: https://topo.ai/reopening-safely-key-intelligence-decisions-and-considerations/

Security experts from The Chertoff Group and National Football League share their approaches to key reopening decisions. COVID-19 has produced many negative impacts, among them diminished earnings and significant disruptions of traditional business models. For some organizations, perpetual remote working is simply not an option. Due to disparate regional impacts and the constant threat of viral resurgence, whether to reopen is not a simple ‘yes/no,’ but instead a complex series of decisions related to employee and customer safety; PPE logistics; operating costs vs. revenue; communications strategy and others. Organizations who serve and interact with large numbers of consumers – retail & restaurants, sports & performing arts, and others – face additional risks from the public at large, including non-compliant or disgruntled customers. The lack of a comprehensive national strategy combined with inconsistent local policy enforcement means that businesses must rely primarily on their own strategy and employees. Organizations are best served not by a linear reopening plan, but by a flexible strategy that accounts for contingencies and can be adjusted as needed. Security and business continuity professionals are invited to join us for this complimentary hourlong panel discussion.

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