Leadership Solutions

Special Security Officer - Counterintelligence


Brookhaven National Laboratory


Upton, Long Island, New York


A Technical Architect/Special Security Officer for the Brookhaven Counterintelligence Field Office (BFO) under the DOE Counterintelligence and Intelligence Directorate will detect, deter, and neutralize cyber and information system threats targeting laboratory facilities and information systems from foreign intelligence services and terrorist organizations. Candidate will provide an integrated counterintelligence cyber/technical expertise supporting all aspects of the counterintelligence mission through the use of investigations, analytical activities, and the evaluation of security systems and analysis.

This position also includes responsibility as a Special Security Officer (SSO) and Information Special Security Officer (ISSO). The SSO/ISSO is a United States Intelligence Community (USIC) field office expert and senior team member of the BFO who will develop, implement, manage, enhance, and maintain all required special security and information security elements of the Counterintelligence Special Security Program, under the purview of the Brookhaven CI Field Office.

The SSO/ISSO will conduct cyber, information assurance, physical and personal security investigations, site security assessments and inspections, prepare for various formal inspections conducted by DOE HQ elements, conduct briefs and debriefs in the management of the Sensitive Compartmented Information program for all facilities under the purview of the BFO, manages and integrate the Special Security Program, Information Security Program, Protected Transmission Services Program, COMSEC Program, Tempest Program, OPSEC Program, and compliance with DCID 6/9 and ICD 704, 705 conduct CI Security Awareness training, coordinate and collaborate with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and US Intelligence Community members re inquiries and investigations at DOE facilities or concerning DOE or Laboratory employees, complete reports and assignments as required.


-Bachelor’s Degree required with a preference for Information/Security Science. Masters Degree preferred.
-The Technology Architect must be an experienced information system investigator and have significant experience as a Special Security Officer.
-The candidate must have 10 years experience in conducting counterintelligence and/or information security investigations and the candidate must have at least 4 years direct SSO experience working for the US Military, Federal Law Enforcement or the USIC. Candidates presently working as a contractor for the above organizations will be equally considered.
-The candidate must be a US Citizen possessing current TS/SCI clearance and current CI Scope Polygraph preferred.
-The Technology Architect Group Leader/Special Security Officer must have a demonstrable record of success regarding the full scope of SCIF security management from construction to accreditation; conducting SCI Briefings, personal security investigations and all aspects of DCID 6/9 and ICD 704, 705.
-The Technology Architect Group Leader/Special Security Officer must have well-developed oral and written presentation and communication skills as well as a demonstrable record of success in this metric.
-The Technology Architect Group Leader/Special Security Officer must have adroit organizational and time management skills, with a demonstrable record of success being solely responsible for the operation, administration and output of a major program. Skill sets include proficiency with computer and network security, operational understanding of WAN and LAN systems and the use of cyber and analysis tools.
-The Technology Architect Group Leader/Special Security Officer must be capable of performing safely in a construction/work zone to perform the oversight requirements needed during accreditation and subsequent maintenance.

How to Apply:

Job ID: 2429210

Apply online at: http://www.bnl.gov/HR/careers/