Leadership Solutions

Director, Global Security


Rockwell Automation


Milwaukee, WI


The Director of Global Security serves as a thought leader in establishing the CISO Office as a center of excellence for global, integrated cyber and physical security.

Key responsibilities of the role:

Manage a team consisting of one or more of each of the following positions: Regional Security Manager, Security Manager, Intelligence and Investigations Manager, and Insider Risk Investigators. Manage performance and development of team members.

Physical protection and resilience of the RA’s people, facilities, products, assets, and infrastructure, including physical security, executive protection, Workplace Violence Program, travel security, and all other aspects of physical security.

Physical security includes protective controls like access controls, biometrics, and anti-tailgating devices; as well as detective controls like cameras.

Create and manage a global, world-class Crisis Management program, including a formal process for developing and conducting training and global tabletops aligned with the Company Enterprise Risk Management program and current threat intelligence. This position is the lead of the corporate Crisis Management Team.

Manage the Insider Risk Program, designed to address potential threats to the company’s intellectual property, operations and reputation from insiders who might steal information or sabotage products or infrastructure.

Manage the G4S Global Guarding Contract.

Develop and maintain all aspects of the Physical Security Technology Program for all company locations by designing and managing the installations of all security equipment for approximately 300 locations, globally.

Lead all security investigations, including physical security, workplace violence, insider risk, business email compromises, and social engineering.

Create and manage a Threat Intelligence program, including formal communications mechanisms with Company leadership, the CISO office, IT, and the Product Security Office.

Develop and maintain global government and law enforcement contacts and private / public partnerships, and develop a formal plan for interfacing with those contacts proactively and during incidents or crises. Run government security programs like the National Industrial Security Program (NISP).

Please see complete job description online.


Leadership/Change: Must have experience as a People Manager, and must demonstrate proven leadership capabilities: the ability to create an inspiring vision of the future and motivate and assemble a team to bring that vision to life. The candidate must have the social intelligence and understanding of the culture of Rockwell Automation to be able to build support and collaboration across the enterprise. Security is a domain which is constantly changing, and this position requires a thought leader who maintains ongoing awareness of the changing threat environment as well as best practices to mitigate the dynamic nature of the risks faced by our Company.

Interpersonal: The security office frequently has to convince the businesses and functions in the Company to cooperate with security requirements. Therefore, the Director must have a demeanor that encourages cooperation with the diverse employee population, but also be able to handle conflict tactfully and professionally, as there will be times when the security office needs to take a firm stance on security issues. The Director of Global Security must be skilled in interacting with senior level executives including the CEO and members of the Company’s Board of Directors.

Business: The Director of Global Security must understand the Company’s Growth and Performance Priorities, and create innovative, proactive strategies that balance security and productivity. The candidate must be forward-looking while at the same time reacting to new security threats and vulnerabilities that are faced by the Company.

How to Apply:

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