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Director Physical Security Threat Management


Universal Music Group


Woodland Hills, CA


Director, Physical Security Threat Management will serve as the principal physical security advisor and will develop, plan, and direct policies and physical security programs to help control risk, prevent losses and protect the personnel and assets of Universal Music group and its subsidiaries worldwide. Directs all physical security activities plus develops, implements and maintains physical security processes, communication and tools based on industry standard best practice. Key focus areas will include but not limited to regional personnel security, global investigations and employee travel protection.

This experienced physical security professional will be reporting to the VP, Information and Physical Security and will be part of the Global Security Office (GSO).

Job Functions:

  • Leads and develops overall Physical Security Strategy and Planning practice.
  • Collaborates with Facility Mangers to develop and implement facility security best practices.
  • Pro-actively engages with business, CSO, Risk & Compliance and delivery stakeholders to identify key business/compliance drivers, requirements and capabilities gaps.
  • Leads and develops all investigations related to cybercrime working with local and federal law enforcement and assists in investigations related to internal cases.
  • Leads and develops all Physical Security Threat Management activities included corporate employee protection and protection of traveling employees and associates worldwide.
  • Ability to lead and respond to extreme physical security threats such as kidnap and active shooter scenarios
  • Identifies corresponding tactics and long-term road maps
  • Articulate and leads annual planning cycle for Physical Security domain.
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  • Advanced knowledge of best practices in security management principles.
  • Proven ability to lead and assist in investigations regarding cyber crime and internal cases
  • Advanced knowledge of security electronic systems, including access control and intrusion detection systems.
  • Understanding of business strategies, direction and goals of the corporation or its individual programs, and how to develop and integrate supporting physical security strategies.
  • Ability to identify, analyze and explain the present or future needs for proposed physical security initiatives to senior management.
  • Experience in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments and other force protection planning.
  • Strong leadership and administrative skills.
  • Confidential investigative skills.

  • 10+ years of experience with increasing scope, responsibility and complexity in Physical Security, law enforcement and/or antiterrorism/force protection and cybercrime.
  • Security Governance, Risk & Compliance.
  • Self-directed, ability to lead strategy development and initiatives end-to-end with minimum oversight and continuous alignment with business outcomes.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to influence across multiple functions and teams.
  • Facilities and personnel threat and anti-terrorism.
  • Multi-site and international physical security.

  • Background in law enforcement or situational awareness
  • 4 year degree or work equivalent

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