Leadership Solutions

Risk and Insurance Program Manager


Pedernales Electric Cooperative


Johnson City, TX



This position is responsible for administration and coordination of various insurance policies and programs for coverage across the Cooperative, including risk management, organizational compliance, and loss prevention programs to maintain maximum protection of assets.


  • Coordinate ongoing implementation of Cooperative-wide Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program
  • Identify and assess potential risks that may hinder the reputation, safety, security and finances of the Cooperative
  • Identify and analyze potential issues, risk and compliance factors, and recommend solutions
  • Ensure Cooperative compliance with relevant policies and regulations through internal and external controls
  • Facilitate compliance and risk management techniques, including the development of metrics and reporting related to risks and participating with various teams Cooperative-wide in support of risk management
  • Coordinate and engage with internal and external resources on risk management and security assessment activities
  • Design frameworks and capabilities required for risk management and compliance
  • Serve as the point of contact for compliance requirements, audit tracking and the intake recipient of documents for risk management processes
  • Develop and implement data analysis and process improvements to support Cooperative initiatives to ensure compliance and control risks
  • Mitigate exposure to risks through all aspects of the Cooperative’s insurance programs
  • Administer, coordinate and analyze Cooperative liability, property and casualty policies and implement procedures to mitigate risks

Please see complete job description online.



  • Knowledge of using computer systems, which may include setting up and using hardware and software programs, entering data, configuration, or processing information
  • Knowledge of principles and processes of risk mitigation and internal control methods
  • Knowledge of insurance industry markets, practices, policies, and processes for claims and related activities
  • Skilled in time management
  • Skilled in prioritizing and managing changing priorities
  • Ability to work with minimal day to day supervision
  • Ability to interface with members, external parties, business partners and across organizational departments
  • Ability to listen and understand information verbally and in writing
  • Ability to anticipate, identify, analyze and resolve conflict and problems


  • Bachelor Degree in business, finance, accounting, engineering, or relevant field
  • 6 years of directly related experience in property, casualty, or other insurance program administration, auditing, or risk management
  • Valid driver’s license

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