Leadership Solutions

Vice President and Chief Security Information Officer


Nashville Electric Service


Nashville, TN


Purpose: Develop, direct, approve and control the activities of the Information Systems (IS) and Telecommunications sections. Maintain, monitor, and ensure appropriate security of NES information systems, data, technology and processes associated with information and technology systems. Perform other duties as required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, administer, organize, coordinate, approve and control functions relating to information systems, computer operations and telecommunications. Coordinate work schedules with other departments.
  • Manage the contract(s) for outsourced information systems staffing and other services used by the department. Provide overall development guidelines and approve standards and procedures.
  • Oversee the preparation of annual work plans for IS projects. Chair the Information Systems Steering Committee which approves IS projects such as software purchases and development and determines priorities and sequencing.
  • Develop project budgets and cost justification. Formulate, recommend and control the annual operating budget for the department.
  • Develop, monitor, and maintain effective internal control for all aspects of the department using Green Book standards as a guide. Proactively address control deficiencies.
  • Determine the technical environment to be used including hardware, database software, software development and testing tools and other support products or services required.

Please see complete job description online.


Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in accounting, information systems, technology, business or other appropriate degree. Eight years of management experience in utility operations, or information systems, telecommunications, management information systems, or public accounting with utility experience. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of information systems, computer operations and telecommunications techniques, theories and practices. Proven ability to make good professional decisions and to analyze and summarize complete reports as oral and written presentations.

How to Apply:

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