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Director, Global Security




Miami, FL


This position performs duties focused on the coordination and management of security efforts across the Company to identify threats and areas of concern impacting personnel, facilities or operations. Security efforts include identifying potential threats, evaluating and investigating the information, drawing pertinent inferences and coordinating risk mitigation strategies to meet the requirements of senior leadership for operational decisions and strategic planning. Key elements of the duties performed by this position include: See online for more information


Required Skills & Experience 10+ years of experience conducting investigations for diverse types cases, inquiries and assessments with federal, state and local law enforcement and/or Corporate Security positions. Extensive liaison experience with law enforcement and industry partners, domestic and international. Analytical skills – 5 + years identifying trends utilizing qualitative and quantitative data. Excellent writing skills – experience drafting documents / policies / executive summaries or reports for leadership, program areas and investigations. See more online. Desired Skills & Experience Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology, Political Science, Sociology, Data Science, Security Management, Business, Economics, Finance, or related field (or HS diploma and minimum of 14 years of corporate security, law enforcement or related military experience) Strong digital social media analytical skills and knowledge of cyber threats General understanding of global geo-political issues and threats to/from differing regions of the world. Strong interpersonal skills required to establish and maintain positive relationships with internal stakeholders and external partners globally. See more information online.

How to Apply:

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