Leadership Solutions

Director, Security


The Pictsweet Company


Bells, TN


Develop and implement programs that will effectively provide protection of the Company's food products, employees, capital assets, and proprietary assets and data. Design and implement policies and strategies of security, including but not limited to: product security, employee protection, family protection, internal investigations, workplace violence, security guard management, (to include employees and contract guard service), proprietary information protection, computer security, crisis management, and environmental health and safety. Coordinate an ongoing review of existing security programs and initiate the development of new programs, as needed, at all facilities. Serve as the company’s chief liaison with law enforcement agencies at all locations. (read more online)


Four year degree mandatory. Master's in Criminal Justice preferred, other degrees will be accepted. The ideal candidate will have a successful background with a federal law enforcement agency, or other applicable experience. A proactive attitude with regard to security and protection is a must.

How to Apply:

Apply online.