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Supply Chain Security

Supply Chain Security


The Art of Connectivity Management -
Linking Productivity Improvement with Net Returns to Your Security Investments
by Peter Cheviot (formerly with BAX Global).  Click here to view biography of this Tier 1 Security Expert.

In any business entity, whether it is the Private Corporate Sector or Government Public Sector, Supply Chains exist that have opportunities to connect net financial returns with effective security practices.  Gains can be realized and measured that will demonstrate cost savings and/or business growth.  Any business concern can benefit because every company has a supply chain need inherent with their internal or external operations.

Supply Chain Security offers great opportunities for Security Management to influence and connect security policy compliance to financial returns. This presentation explains the fundamental ways to bring it into your security objectives and how to measure your financial gains.


  • By integrating supply chain security management with the operations management and practices, financial achievements can be significant.  Identify the opportunities where security is making a financial difference, track it with effective matrix measurement, and use it sell your security program.

Intended Audience:

  • Security, Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations, Industrial Engineering, Aviation, Rail, Trucking, Transportation Management and Personnel. Security and Supply Chain Associations, Operations Personnel, Supervisors, Warehouse Personnel, Traffic Management Personnel, Mail and Parcel Distribution Personnel


  • By connecting security and operation behaviors, you will bring a team effort that will result in significant improvement in security compliance and financial returns.

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