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Kathleen Kotwica

EVP & Chief Knowledge Strategist, Security Executive Council

Kotwica's responsibilities include establishing short and long-term knowledge management strategies to maximize the Council's innovative output and uphold its mission to the Council community. She leads development and production of Council tools, solutions and publications. She is responsible for operations and has oversight for Council communications and marketing. Kotwica also conducts industry research and analysis to further security and risk management practices.

Kotwica has worked both in academia and business. The combination of experiences has resulted in an approach toward processes and research that maintains a focus on intended business goals. She enjoys identifying patterns in information and stored knowledge that can help businesses maintain a competitive advantage in the market place.

Prior to joining the Security Executive Council she held a wide range of leadership positions including Information Architecture Consultant at a New England consulting firm, Director of Online Research at CXO Media (IDG) and Research Associate at Children's Hospital in Boston, a role in which she conducted behavioral research.

Previous accomplishments include leading the development of online resources geared for senior executives, IT and security-related editorial products, construction and deployment of information architectures for large-scale websites, industry taxonomy schemes, industry benchmarks and empirical research reports.

Kotwica has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago. She has co-authored scientific peer-reviewed journal articles and has authored or edited many security industry trade magazine articles. She has spoken at many conferences and symposiums including security-related events such as CSO Perspectives, SecureWorld Expo and CSCMP.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Marketing the security department
  • Security industry research and benchmarks
  • Risk classification and taxonomy

Selected Past Presentations:

  • The “Leading Practice” Brand Protection Process: Achieving an Industry Standard
  • Exclusive Case Study: How to Develop and Use Metrics Strategically
  • How to Communicate Security Value to the Business
  • How to Further Your Staff and Your Own Career
  • Measures and Metrics to Identify the “Health” of Your Organization
  • Research about Attitudes on the Benefits and Controls of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

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