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Security Barometer - Mexico Drug Decriminalization

Will the recent changes in Mexican drug laws affect you? Respondents to our Security Barometer quick poll expect the greatest impact will be related to pre-employment screening and safety.

Which of the following aspects of your security program may be impacted by the recent changes in drug laws in Central and South America?

A number of interesting comments were provided by the respondents. For some zero tolerance was still the focus of their programs and many were planning to reemphasize that point with their employees.

Still others were working with HR to develop new policies and were considering a shift from prosecution or termination to counseling.

A common theme from respondents was their concern regarding transportation and cargo. Even if your organization does not have facilities in countries with lax drug laws give some thought to the risks in your supply chain. Check with your suppliers to see how they are handling this issue. Then determine if any further action to mitigate these risks within your organization is warranted.

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