Leadership Solutions

Next Generation Leader Course on Risk Management

This course covers advanced content and is geared toward designated successors and second generation leaders. It covers six elements essential for leading world class risk management for public and private organizations:

  • All-hazards global risk assessment
  • Organizational alignment
  • Compliance
  • Executive leadership
  • Measures and metrics
  • Board-level influencing strategies

The course is taught by globally renowned thought leaders from the risk management industry. Led by current and former CSOs/CISOs from some of the worlds largest and most successful organizations this course will focus on delivering the pragmatic leadership skills and expert knowledge that have been proven successful under live fire in the real world.

Beginning September 2011 the course includes six 90 minute sessions held on a monthly basis. No travel is required as the course will be taught in a long-distance learning manner. All participants will receive over $200 of course materials.

We culled knowledge about leading risk management from experienced executives and vetted it through review by current CSOs/CISOs and successful application in existing programs. This is not a security products exposition - you will find no vendor dog-and-pony show here. You will not find any other source that offers an opportunity such as this to develop the leadership skills in all-hazards risk management that you need at this point in your career. Don't pass up your chance to be a Next Generation Leader in risk management. The cost of the course is $1800. A significant discount is available to Tier 1 Security Leaders™.

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