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Using Twitter for Business Purposes

In this security barometer the Council wanted to get an idea of how Twitter is being used for business purposes among our risk management leaders. We are sharing some good feedback that might be of interest to you as you consider if and how Twitter might play a role in your risk management programs.

How Twitter Is Being Used

The interesting story is how Twitter is being used for business by risk management professionals. A common theme became apparent: many practitioners were using Twitter to follow emergency management sites such as FEMA, state/local emergency operation centers and law enforcement. They are also following security researchers and thought leaders to, as one respondent put it, "get information before it makes headlines".

Insight: How To Get Value Out of Twitter

If you are considering how Twitter can fit into your risk management program here are some ideas to consider:
  • As discussed above, Twitter may be a way to gain a heads-up on emerging events.
  • Since Twitter is "all headlines," following valued accounts may allow you identify issues worth a deeper look more quickly than scanning multiple websites.
  • Consider creating a Twitter account as needed for your staff/employees to follow in the event of a crisis affecting your organization.
  • Twitter may be able to be used to monitor external references to your organization in order to gain insight on brand reputation and emerging activist issues.
  • You don't have to have a Twitter account to follow Twitter. There are many websites that allow you to aggregate or search Twitter for information.

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