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Finding Time: Open-Source Policy, Assessment, and Guidance Documents

Finding ways to multiply efforts is a critical skill for living a sane and successful life as a security leader. If policy or guidelines creation is the goal, open-source documents and templates can serve as useful building blocks and save you the time of starting from scratch. The following list provides links to some Web sites and organizations that offer downloadable policy templates, assessment materials, standards, and guidelines on a variety of security-related subjects. Check out the Security Executive Council's feature in the April issue of Security Magazine for more time-saving suggestions for security leaders.


Disease Control

Overseas or Travel Protection

Information Security

Background Screening

Physical Security/Premises Protection

Risk Assessment

Emergency Preparedness/Crisis Management/Continuity

Executive Visuals

ASIS International and industry organizations like the Society for Human Resource Managers and the American Bankers Association offer a number of great resources that require membership or registration to access. The Security Executive Council also offers many additional resources to its Tier 1 Security Leader Community, including customization of guidelines and policies. If you are a participant in of these organizations, take the time to explore their resources for templates and guidelines that may be useful in your program.