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Thought Leader Report Identifying Practices Common to Successful Security Leaders

Executive Summary:

In many professional fields—legal, technology, and finance, for instance—one can expect to find certain commonalities among the practitioners. These professionals share certain certifications or degrees, or they’ve progressed through a series of common steps or training regimens to reach their current position, where they share a fairly standard reporting level. The security profession does not fit into such a mold. We at the Security Executive Council have researched and studied the security community at a depth no other organization has, and the diversity of experience, responsibility, authority and background we’ve found is stunning.

However, across this varied landscape, commonalities of successful leadership do exist. Our community comprises many individuals who are recognized in the industry as highly successful security leaders. Because they have allowed us access to their time and insights, the Security Executive Council was in a unique position to uncover and identify similarities that contribute to strong performance.

A series of in-depth interviews with a large number of security leaders led us to identify practices that the most successful leaders have in common. The report describing these similarities can be obtained here: Nine Practices of the Successful Security Leader

Tier 1 Security Leaders™ can log in and access the report here:
Resource is for Tier One Leaders only
Resource is for Tier One Leaders only

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