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What the C-Suite is looking for When Hiring Risk Managers

A Look Back in Time:

Over time we have witnessed a significant shift in the approach taken toward hiring security and risk management executives. In the 1950’s and 60’s there was a focus on physical security and as a consequence many security executives came into the corporate world with a military background. The 70’s and 80’s there was an increase the number of security managers coming from law enforcement as the role of investigations played a bigger role in corporations.

Throughout the 1980’s and 90’s the corporate security focus started turning inward and with that we saw a growth in the need for audit, compliance and governance professionals. Then the late 90’s technology boom ushered in the era of IT security which as late has played a much bigger role in corporate risk management.

Still, similar to how pioneering security executives long ago came to realize that a focus on gates and guards missed addressing a significant portion of business risk, smart IT security executives today understand that risk management is a lot more than protecting bits and bytes. Over time risk management has been growing and moving closer to the board room.

A Look toward the Future:

As demonstrated in a recent survey, corporate executives are expecting their leaders of risk management to have a strong understanding of the company’s business and industry. They also wanted these leaders to have a strategic view of risk and risk management. In addition they wanted their risk managers to have a broad-based operational perspective. (See the CFO magazine article for more results from the survey)

The trend is now clear. The focus of all business groups needs to be on the enabling the core mission of the enterprise.

So What Does that Mean for Me?

You and the people who work for you must understand the role they play in enabling the corporation to achieve its goals. Each risk management decision must be considered within the realm of the greater business need. The C-Suite is demanding it and the Security Executive Council can help.

Organizations that work with the Security Executive Council understand how the Council can refine the focus of risk management toward business profitability. We have extensive experience dealing directly with senior business executives and can help your team navigate the C-Suite to deliver exactly what they desire.

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