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Driving Excellence in Enterprise Security

Achieving excellence is all about surpassing normal standards. What makes us all security leaders instead of security followers is our consistent striving to exceed expectations, to find new ways to achieve excellence in our approach to risk management.

In their effort to improve quality and extract maximum value from their risk management programs, some leaders in security are looking at the potential benefits derived from the implementation of operational excellence processes from quality management frameworks such as TQM and Six Sigma.

George Campbell is assisting a group of Tier 1 Security Leaders™ who are starting operational excellence initiatives to define what this means for Security and how best to go about executing a program. After several meetings it became clear there needs to be an agreed upon definition for Security and an initial framework. From these discussions, George Campbell has created his thought leadership paper "Driving Excellence in Enterprise Security".

This paper provides a starting place for security leaders who are interested in operational excellence or are considering applying it within their programs. It includes:

  • Range of approaches gathered from discussions with a number of Tier 1 Security Leaders™
  • Insight into how to achieve a critical baseline assessment of security’s value
  • Vital questions that need to be answered uniquely for each security program
  • Potential measures of excellence in security programs
  • A template to help investigate and identify initial targets for application of operational excellence

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