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The Biggest Challenge to the Success of Security Programs

This Security Barometer offered a tough question to answer. There are many possible challenges to the success of security programs but in this security barometer the respondents had to choose the single one they felt was the most significant.

As seen in the results below, the biggest challenge - by more than a two-to-one margin over its nearest competitor - was senior managements misunderstanding of the value that security brings to the organization.

This may not come as a surprise. In some ways all other challenges may relate to the one issue of how management views security. When management understands the role security plays in adding business value they tend to show it through the budget, staffing levels, and training. The employees of these organizations are more likely to exhibit a security and risk management culture. A case may be made that these organizations also tend to be top revenue generators in their respective industries.

The Security Executive Council is well aware of this. We have to address these challenges every day as we assist our clients with their security programs. Our faculty and staff have had to communicate value to be successful leading security and risk management teams prior to joining the Council. It is our extensive experience with demonstrating the value of security that has made us experts in the field. We now are sharing what we have learned over the years with organizations of all sizes and at all levels of program maturity.

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