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Defining the Value of Security's Accomplishments

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Arguably the most common challenge among security leaders is being able to communicate the value risk management services and programs bring to the organization.

If you are attempting to provide that information you know what we are talking about. If you are not already providing that information don't be fooled. You may think management is happy with your performance but if you are not presenting them information on the value of your risk management programs and services it is only a matter of time before they ask for it. And chances are, when they do ask, it means they have already made up their mind about the value you are providing the organization.

We are all competent security practitioners. We would not think of waiting for someone to break into the barn before we locked the front gate, so make sure you are starting to collect the data and build the information you need well before management demands evidence of the value you are providing.

The following are samples of how to define and present the value Security is bringing to the organization. These three elements can be helpful toward defining what you add to the bottom line.

Internal Customer Value Analysis

Here we mean an analysis of who values your service and why. Why is this important?

  • What other business would put something out into the marketplace and not assess who uses or values your offering?
  • Proactive defense against potential cuts or allies take on the budgetary burden for a service they do not want to lose
  • Opportunity to create loyal customers
  • Remember, security does not own the risks, the business units do

Performance Data and Dials

Security’s Balanced Scorecard

For more information on the value of security's accomplishments see Demonstrating Value:Measuring Value

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