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Security Barometer Results - How Much Effort is Spent on Building People Networks for the Benefit of Security

In our ground breaking research summarized in "The Roadmap for Security Leadership Success" we highlighted 10 important decisions successful leaders make; one of these is the importance of building the right relationships both within and outside the organization.

In the Security Barometer results shown below we wanted to investigate how our readers are working on building their network for the benefit of their security programs.

The first chart examines how much time is devoted to building people networks outside of the enterprise compared to building people networks internal to the enterprise. We asked the respondent to focus on the network building for the benefit of their security programs and to exclude time spent on career building or other personal social networking.

chart comparing  network building for benefit of security programs

The following chart shows how much time is spent on building networks for the benefit of the respondent’s security programs.

chart showing amount of time spent building networks

We have found that successful security leaders have in common a strong well-connected network of business relationships. Good working relationships within your organization will create efficiencies and may encourage buy-in. Business relationships external to the organization will provide different viewpoints which may aid you in finding solutions to difficult problems.

Whether you are attempting to make connections internally or externally, remember that relationship building is more like farming than mining. It's not about extracting as much as you can before burning out your resources. Instead you need to cultivate "win-win" relationships - seek to provide a benefit to the people in your network in order to get valuable returns over the long-term.