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Defining Best Practices in Global Security Operations Centers

Initial Output from the SEC GSOC Best Practices Working Group

The Security Executive Council Global formed the Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) working group with the objective of advancing the value proposition of security operations centers and identifying a body of best practices with group members. The group has additionally recognized that by incorporating the analytical framework of operational excellence in this endeavor it will enable them to demonstrate measurable value to their organizations.

The work of this group has only just begun but this initial executive summary provides some evidence of the value the members of the group have thus far uncovered. Included in this initial report are such things as:
  • How GSOCs are incorporating operational excellence to push the envelope on the demonstrating value
  • Defining excellence in a diverse operational and resource environment
  • Factors that drive operational excellence in GSOC services
  • Selected group metrics and benchmarking results
  • Key business drivers within group organizations
  • GSOC objectives related to operational excellence and the application of best practices
  • Best practices targets of opportunity
  • Levels of GSOC service scope, capability and competence

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To inquire about becoming a GSOC Working Group member please contact George Campbell at contact@secleader.com. Potential members are asked to take a survey around their GSOC operations as part of qualification. All members are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Members meet quarterly in person/online to share best practices and discuss issues.