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A Preview of Measuring & Communicating Security’s Value, A Compendium of Metrics for Enterprise Protection

Created by George Campbell, Security Executive Council Emeritus Faculty

This book picks up from where "Measures and Metrics in Corporate Security: Communicating Business Value" left off. It builds on what you learned with real world, practical examples that may be considered, applied and tested across the full scope of the enterprise security mission.

"Measuring & Communicating Security’s Value" covers:

  • The why, what and how of a security metrics program
  • Risk reporting to influence corporate policy and behavior
  • The ability to influence as a key performance indicator
  • Metrics in partnership with core business strategy and process
  • Building metrics for impact and results
  • Hundreds of examples of metrics proven through real world use

Also included in the book is a metrics program maturity self-assessment tool and a proven six step process for implementing a security measures and metrics program.

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