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Energize Your Career

This document is a concise summary of the key elements you need to know before starting any new role or program. These practices have been identified by the Security Executive Council through our work with some of the leaders of the world’s most sophisticated and accomplished security programs.

This document covers topics such as:

  • The Top Things You Need to Do If New to the Job, or If Revamping the Security Program
  • The Top Practices to be a Valued Security Leader/Organization
  • The Top Reasons Why Security Practitioners are Looking for New Opportunities
  • The Leadership Practice Most Important to Your Success
  • The Top Practices of a Successfully Run Security Organization
  • The Top Practices You Need to be a Next Generation Security Leader
  • The Most Important Characteristic of an Outstanding CSO/CISO
  • The Ten Most Common Decisions Highly Accomplished Security Leaders Make
  • The Top Backgrounds/Skills Needed to Excel in Security

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The collective knowledge contained within has been tested and proven effective in the real-world by successful security leaders. Read through the information and identify the elements that resonate with you. Pin them up on your wall. Share them with your team. Commit them to memory. We hope this information will serve you well throughout your career.