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Managing Risks in Business - How to Create and Build an Incident Management Team to Better Protect your Company during a Critical Incident

While we all should strive for pro-active risk mitigation the fact is that no matter what an organization does or how much it spends there will always remain the potential for a serious business interruption as a result of a natural disaster or criminal activity. All organizations, large and small, should prepare for critical incidents to limit their adverse affects and protect employees and assets.

Two experts in critical incident response, Jerry Miller and Rad Jones, not only have led successful critical incident programs for major corporations they also have conducted tabletop exercises involving over 4,200 public and private sector leaders. They have worked together to create the audio/visual presentation, "Managing Risks in Business" to share their knowledge on how to create and build an incident management team.

The PDF below is a short excerpt of the presentation (without audio) and includes a summary of the critical incident management process.

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