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Security State of the Industry August 2015 Briefing - Insider Threat

The Security Executive Council's Security State of the Industry briefings provides an opportunity for our Tier 1 Security Leaders™ to participate in an in-depth discussion about specific topics or issues affecting their security risk mitigation programs.

The full Security State of the Industry briefing on Insider Threat covered topics such as:

  • Executive Order 13587
  • The scope of insider threat programs
  • Current research on threats to information
  • Insider threat sources
  • Current research on addressing insider threat
  • Regulations and compliance issues regarding the insider threat program at Duke Energy
  • Approaching the insider threat issue at Delta Airlines
  • Insider threat mitigation at MD Anderson Cancer Center and the University of Texas at Houston
  • The Security Executive Council insider threat toolkit

The full briefing also included an open discussion with leaders of security programs at various global organizations

Below is a collection of short excerpts from the August 2015 briefing on insider threat.