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Background Investigations Benchmark - Exclusive Preliminary Results

How is your company handling background investigations compared to others?

The document below provides a preliminary look into some of the results that have been gathered to date from this valuable benchmark research. For example: While all the participating organizations conducted background investigations on employees, over 50% of them also had their vendors undergo checks.

The information gathered from research like this can be used to compare against your program, identify areas where improvement is possible and generate ideas for achieving your goals.

(Note: This is a subset of the results of the full research and does not include categorical analysis.)

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Your organization can achieve a better understanding of the background investigation processes followed by peers by participating in the research. Those organizations that provide data that meets the qualifications will be provided with an in-depth benchmark report.

You can obtain a complete benchmark report by completing the survey and providing information about your corporate background investigations program and security program budget figures.

Take the survey here.

NOTE: All information you provide will be kept confidential. The information gathered will only be published in an aggregate form that maintains the privacy of the individuals and the organizations they represent. Only those providing complete and accurate information will be included in the analysis and only those included in the analysis will be provided the published results.