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Security State of the Industry November 2015 Briefing - Winning Stories and Unique Strategies in Managing Your Career Path

The Security Executive Council's Security State of the Industry briefings provides an opportunity for our Tier 1 Security Leaders™ to participate in an in-depth discussion about specific topics or issues affecting their security risk mitigation programs.

The full Security State of the Industry briefing on Managing Your Career Path covered topics such as:

  • Historic trends in hiring practices
  • Current research on the characteristics that are most valuable to CSOs and the top reasons why security practitioners seek jobs outside of their current employer
  • Practitioner discussions on differing pathways to leadership positions within security
  • Insight relating to diversity in the security workforce
  • Security Executive Council career decision making tools such as the skills/competencies self-assessment
  • Current research into the most popular channels for identifying new job candidates
  • Results of analysis on career path trends

The full briefing also included an open discussion with leaders of security programs at various global organizations.

Below is a collection of short excerpts from the November 2015 briefing on unique strategies in managing your career path.