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Security Hiring Practices and Security Diversity

There has been a lot of attention in the news devoted to social media's effects on job recruiting. While few would argue the benefits of using social networks to obtain job candidates this Security Barometer strives to provide more information on how effective social networks are currently performing.

Current results from our Security Barometer poll on this topic are shown below.

chart showing results from hiring survey

It will be interesting to find out how these results change over time. However, current Security Barometer results imply that the leading sources of job candidates is from referrals and classic sources such as job ads and online job boards.

What about Diversity in the Work Force?

Our initial hypothesis was that Security departments were not very diverse groups and that they might have problems meeting their organization's diversity goals. So it was surprising that in our Security Barometer poll on this topic it appears that practitioners are evenly divided on the subject. In fact over 60% felt that their group met or exceeded their organization's diversity targets. The results of this question are shown below.

chart showing results from diversity survey

Additional Resources on Security Careers and Hiring

The Security Executive Council has large number of resources beneficial to those on both sides of the jobs picture. If you are interested in energizing your career this collection of top tips can help you on your way. If you are seeking to fill a position we may be able to assist you with our jobs board or through our practitioner network. Contact us for more information