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Operational Excellence in Contract Security Performance Measurement

Contract security services is one of the most widely adopted security services globally. Yet one of the biggest frustrations of security management and procurement executives is relatively mediocre quality provided by contract security services. Key to correcting the issues is by demanding measurably qualitative performance requirements from your outsourced service providers.

George Campbell, a globally recognized industry expert in security measures and metrics, has created an in-depth report that can be used to guide the creation of qualitative performance measures. This 25 page report is packed with real success-driven, experience-proven, detailed and actionable information you can apply directly to your contract security services Service Level Agreement (SLA).

It covers topics such as:

  • Why operational excellence within contract security services is important
  • How best to select and engage with service providers
  • How to apply industry standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to service contracts
  • A table of contract security operations critical success factors and the focus for related KPIs
  • Ongoing management of the SLA
  • Relating KPI "counting" to qualitative service excellence metrics
  • Managing multi-site and multi-supplier SLAs
  • How to define high performance KPIs including getting service providers to own a commitment to delivering value and service excellence through appropriate KPIs
  • Example of how a large manufacturing firm sought operational excellence within their outsourced security service including:
    • Identifying the KPIs that truly drive quality and performance excellence
    • How and why selected KPIs could be applied in the SLA portion of the contract, administrative processes of the vendor and by the manufacturer’s security organization
  • An example contracted physical security business model including a list of physical security elements common to many organizations

If you have any interest in guard force performance management you owe it to yourself read this report.

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