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Finding Value in Security Benchmarking

The Current State of Comparison Research in the Security Industry

This executive summary by metrics guru George Campbell and contributing editor Kathleen Kotwica, examines current security management benchmarking practices with the goal of identifying opportunities that maximize the value of collaborative initiatives for the sponsoring organization and its participating partners.

Current best practices are explored in six sections:
  • What is Benchmarking?
  • Gathering Benchmarking Data
  • Current State of Benchmarking
  • Assessing Benchmarking Data
  • Managing Benchmarking Results
  • Actionable Benchmarking

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This is an executive summary. To get the detailed version of the Finding Value in Security Benchmarking report please participate in the Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark or the Background Investigation Programs Benchmark. All participants in one of these benchmarks can get the full report. More information about these benchmarks can be found here.