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Security State of the Industry May 2016 Briefing - Enterprise Risk Management

Is Enterprise Risk Management Enough?

Created by the Security Executive Council

The Security Executive Council's Security State of the Industry briefings provides an opportunity for our Tier 1 Security Leaders™ to participate in an in-depth discussion about specific topics or issues affecting their security risk mitigation programs.

The full Security State of the Industry briefing on Enterprise Risk Management covered topics such as:
  • Why enterprise risk management fails
  • Proven successful alternatives to the common enterprise risk assessment
  • The prevalence of cross-functional risk committees
  • Why an operational risk council is beneficial to Security and the Organization
  • Elements that make up an effective cross-functional risk council

The full briefing also included an open discussion with leaders of security programs at various global organizations.

The following are short excerpts from the May 2016 briefing on ERM and cross-function risk committees.

For more information on this topic see Risk-Based Security: Board Level Risk/Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

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