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Security Budgets and Strategy

The following are resources on security budgets from the Security Executive Council (SEC).

Defending Your Budget

Security leaders are often faced with the budget reductions that accompany lean economic times and an ever-broadening risk/threat picture. How they deal with this issue to keep the security department functioning effectively as it becomes leaner goes to the heart of profitability, sustainability and even survivability.

Executive Summary: Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark 2011

The SEC’s Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI) report full report covers such metrics as corporate security budgets, staffing, program drivers, governance and oversight.

A newer report will be coming out December 2016. Information about joining the SLRI.

Managing and Defending a Security Budget: Laying a Foundation

This article provides valuable insight for corporate security leaders on how to strategically address budgetary issues. These tips can assist in increasing senior management’s awareness of security’s value to the organization.

Leaders Don’t Ask Permission to Lead or to Manage a Budget – They Align and Act

From our Faculty Advisor Q&A column, our expert provides guidance to the question - How can I influentially build, defend, and or proactively manage my budget; ideally free of counterproductive interference?

The Pros and Cons of Managing a Consolidated Security Budget

Another item from our Faculty Advisor column, our expert provides advice to a query sent in on an opportunity to consolidate security costs for site locations and international regions into one single budget for which the practitioner would have oversight.

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