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What Role Can the SEC Play for You and Your Organization?

What are the solutions offered in the different tiers of services that the SEC offers? This question takes a little time to answer because the SEC offers something for just about every leader and their team in the corporate security realm.

We started as an “Executive Community” for CSOs with an annual fee. All of our subject matter experts are successful former security executive who have walked many miles in your shoes (see Who We Are). We are not like any other security organizations. We focus on the CSO’s most significant challenges at a leadership level.

We conduct research around the problems many security leaders experience in order to create relevant and viable solutions. Our research is conducted through our Security Leadership Research Institute (SLRI). Based on our research orientation, we quickly became a research and advisory company sharing everything we created with our early members - many of those first adopters are still with us 14 years later. Today we call this group of clients that interact with us at this level Tier 1 Leaders.

Over the years we have continued to transform to meet the needs of security leaders around the world. As we expanded our research capabilities and created “leadership solutions,” it was quickly apparent that our Tier 1 Leaders wanted us to work with their business leadership teams to help them implement our solutions such as Enterprise/Risk Alignment, Security Measures and Metrics and Internal Value Analysis. This was the start of the consulting practice of the SEC. The practitioner-based offerings we created have been widely sought after.

At the same time, academia was searching for “practitioner created content” for leading university security and risk management education programs. That led to our publishing partnership with Elsevier Publishing and the creation of over 50 new and innovative publications viable for both education and practitioner application. They are listed in our store website.

This is just a few of the unique ways the SEC has adapted to support the mission of corporate security for leading organizations and security leaders. Your priorities are of course unique. Our “collective knowledge” proven practices are a long way from common. However, there is often common challenges at a high level (see our Collaborative Consulting page). Because of our extensive knowledge in corporate security, we work with all manner of organizations including NGOs, government organizations and companies from 18 vertical markets, 6 continents and ranging in size and sale from very small businesses to the Fortune 50.

We would love to have a conversation with you and anyone else you deem appropriate (e.g., senior members of your team or who you report to) to discuss challenges and how we might be able to collaborate with you. There are so many ways to engage with the SEC. They range from using the free content and research results on our site and our newsletter, to Tier 1 Leader access and significant problem solving engagements. We find most of our relationships start with a phone call and online screen share to discuss your most significant concerns or growth opportunities and provide you with more insight into what we do and why we do it. This is a no-obligation meeting to explore options on what might work best and fit your service delivery model, budget and annual plan.

Contact Bob Hayes at contact@secleader.com