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Security Metrics: Measuring Performance

Measuring Key Performance Indicators
Most of us have heard of Key Performance Indicators (KPI): they are measures of progress toward some goal that often reflect how well a business process is being performed. If you have not considered developing KPIs for your security program, I would encourage you to look at them as a component of your measures and metrics program.

Don't Neglect Key Performance Indicators
We have mentioned balanced scorecards and KPIs, but it is useful to occasionally revisit these concepts because they can be so much a part of a corporate management business strategy. In our corner of the business, we may employ KPIs in any of several security program areas.

Corporate Security Metrics - Key Performance Indicators: Examples
Following are some KPI samples by way of charts that might be used in executive communications. Use them to generate ideas for performance indicators your security organization should deploy.

Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Emergency Response
The safety of employees and visitors is a core mission of corporate security. In light of budgetary restrictions, it is important to communicate these two key measures of readiness to management.

Security Operations Control Center Metrics
The security operations control center (SOCC) is one of the most critical functions of the security organization, where customer service, first response and risk management combine to provide the most visible and essential corporate security services.
Demonstrating Safety and Security Program Value to Executive Management with Metrics One of the biggest challenges facing many safety and security practitioners today is effectively and consistently communicating the value of their security program.

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