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Security Metrics: Security Officer Services

Showing the ROI of Contract Security Forces
A thoughtful security manager in Arizona once e-mailed me the following in response to one of my regular columns on security metrics: “I can’t think of a more relevant issue for physical security than a series of metrics regarding contract security costs...

Measuring Guard Force Operations
One of the largest line items in most corporate security budgets is security operations, or guard force costs. I am often amazed at the answers I get when I ask, “What metrics do you have for these activities?”

Meeting Contract Standards
Is there a visible commitment to operational excellence within your security vendor’s on-site team? Contract guards represent the security organization to the average visitor and employee at U.S. businesses today, and their competence is both critical and evident in their interactions.

Security Contract Compliance Auditing
Contracts with product and service suppliers are an integral part of many corporate security service delivery programs; in fact, many companies spend millions of dollars annually for thousands of hours of service from contract guard vendors.

How to Reduce the Cost of False Alarms
Time is money. Look at how your team is spending its time.

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