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Security Metrics: Risk

Incident Analysis Identified Business Practice Risk
Knowledgeable insiders are a serious threat to an organization, since they live inside protective measures. They have a unique understanding of the company's vulnerabilities and know how to use them to their own advantage.

Increase Influence ad Protection through Proactive Risk Assessments
We security professionals cannot sit back and wait for an incident to happen. We are paid to anticipate risk and engage in preventative activities that will eliminate hazards or minimize the impact on business operations and employee safety.

Threat Assessment: Measuring Likelihood
When you think about security threats to your business, which do you think are likely to manifest? What are the probabilities of a specific type of event occurring at a particular location? How do you convey your concerns to management without sounding like Chicken Little yelling that the sky is falling?

Measuring Alignment Using Key Risk Indicators
I get a lot of questions about how Security can demonstrate with metrics that we have a positive connection to the core business strategy and objectives. Here’s one example.

Neglect and Apathy - Your Worst Enemy
Risks become avoidable when we put effective safeguards in place to counter them. They become inevitable when we fail to do our jobs — that is, when we disable or fail to enable essential security measures. Let’s look at a large retail chain as one example.
Business Alliances and Security's Due Diligence
These are eight factors that the security organization should consider in its evaluation of a prospective business alliance.
The Risks of Outsourcing Information Security Don't overlook the risks that accrue due to the loss of effective business controls over sensitive activities, particularly those associated with information infrastructure and vital information assets.

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