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Security Metrics: Business Alignment

Assess the Probability of Business Loss
Objective: To estimate the probability of loss in areas of concern, given known vulnerabilities.

Measure Influence by Tracking Recommendations
All non-revenue-producing organizations like Corporate Security are in the influence business. Influence is a measure of effectiveness, and we need to apply various processes to evaluate security’s effectiveness.

Do Business Units Value Security Recommendations?
Our ability to influence internal customers starts and ends with their perception of the effectiveness and value of security programs.

Are your metrics connected to top management’s agenda?
The January/February 2011 issue of Financial Executive magazine included an article titled “Corporate Performance Metrics to Top Board Agendas,” ...

How good is your customer connection?
The deeper I dig to find the reasons for the lack of workable, meaningful metrics within security organizations, the more I find myself tripping over both institutional and security-imposed roadblocks.

Demonstrate Security's Alignment with Business Objectives
Results Sought: Increased understanding and appreciation by senior management and other key stakeholders of security’s value and contribution to the bottom line.

What is the Return on Your Company’s Security Investment?
Objective: To select a small set of security-related services and assess the potential for a return on expenses.

Investing in Security’s ROI
We hear a lot about the difficulty of documenting Security’s return on investment. Consider this example.

Faculty Advisor: Using Value Metrics to Make the Case for Security's Return in Investment
Our SEC Faculty Advisor talks about how to demonstrate that corporate security contributes to the business and is more than just “security tactics.”
Demonstrating Security Program Value to the C-Suite These are highlights from a panel discussion with security practitioners on Demonstrating Security Program Value to the C-Suite.
Defining Your Top Security Metrics This is a short list of commonly applicable metrics that are capable of delivering actionable, measurable value.

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