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Demonstrating Value: Building Influence

Is Your Security Program Viewed as Effective? Warning Signs of Security's Decreasing Influence
How can you assess if your corporate security program is effective? To start, you should be able to answer “yes” to these three questions:

Faculty Advisor: Are You Providing Security Services or a Comprehensive Program?
A SEC Faculty Advisor responds to this question: We feel we provide a multitude of security services to our organization. Senior management wants us to demonstrate we are not just providing ad hoc services but have an evolved program. Any ideas on how we approach this?

Rebuilding Influence after Corporate Restructuring
Company reorganizations are a fact of business that may have grown more frequent as our economy has changed in recent years. If Security will be reporting to a new boss, there are several questions you should ask yourself. This article provides insight into some of those questions.

How to Influence with Metrics
Let’s say you develop some must-have metrics in your organization. You have the data and the results; now how will you use them to influence your business?

Coping with Changes to Company Leadership
Whether the result of an internal structural shift, an external hiring decision, or a merger/acquisition, a change in leadership and reporting can signal a challenging time for security.

Security Barometer: Is COVID-19 Putting Your Budget or Team at Risk for Reductions?
If Security cannot contribute like they have in the past due to stagnation of certain business activities - will this result in cuts?

Your Business is Changing, How Does Security Keep Up?
By reimagining risk and security, you can weather the storms of change and come out stronger.

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