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Demonstrating Value: Measuring Value

"Garbage In" Can Cost You Your Job
We recently conducted a poll on our Web site asking visitors the question, "What in your organization is putting your continued employment at greatest risk?"If you don’t start with high-quality ingredients, you’re not going to get high-quality results.

Finding Value in Security Benchmarking: The Current State of Comparison Research in the Security Industry
Benchmarking compares practices or processes against others to evaluate quality and resource allocations such as personnel or costs. It is also used to ascertain practices or processes that others are doing well and that may fill a known gap in the sponsoring organization.

Demonstrating the Value Security Brings to the Organization
SEC survey results provide insight into the large number of methods and techniques that contribute to demonstrating value.

Enterprise Security Metrics: A Snapshot Assessment of Practices
This SEC report provides an assessment of the current use of metrics in corporate security management.

Security State of the Industry May 2015 Briefing - Metrics
SEC subject matter experts discuss security metrics – the "why" and the "how".

Does Benchmarking Really Show How Well Your Security Program Measures Up to Best Practices?
Our SEC Faculty Advisor discusses the usefulness of benchmarking best practices.

Defining the Value of Security's Accomplishments
Here are some example slides that have been successful in helping define and present the value Security is bringing to the organization.

Faculty Advisor: Demonstrating Security’s Contribution to Organizational Goals
Here our SEC Faculty Advisor responds to concerns about identifying and highlighting programs, services and positive outcomes that Security brings to help meet the organization’s business goal.
Security Barometer: What Benchmark Data Do You Want? In this Security Barometer we wanted to take a closer look at those reasons for gathering benchmark data; specifically, what benchmarks would security practitioners like to gather from their peers and what it would be used for. Discovering the Cost of Security (Parts 1-4) In this presentation, the late Dick Lefler, SEC emeritus faculty, discusses what security actually costs a company, not just what is in Security's budget.

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